Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interior color of chocolate

Chocolate    Interior

Chocolate living room interior

Chocolate living room interior
In some fashion trends dark shades called "new black" because they are incredibly stylish and look great in combination with a large range of other colors.

Chocolate living room interior


 Chocolate living room interior
Chocolate Chocolate living roomli ving room

Dense and rich chocolate tones are preferred as the color schemes in the interior of this apartment. The wonderful situation of living area with panoramic glazing on two sides stands as a fresh frame of elegant sofas. Not only the upholstery, but the wooden elements, and tables are met in the hot chocolate. Pastel green carpet and fresh at room Palm only emphasize comfort and style broadcasting corner for relaxation.

Chocolate Kitchen Daily interior

Chocolate Kitchen Daily interior
Just beside it is the kitchen, symbolically separated by high bar-plot. The color combination of light and dark wood interior make the room more attractive avoid "heavy" species, which would, if it was decided again in chocolate brown.

Chocolate Bedroom Bedroom
Bedroom Bedroom
And in the bedrooms of the house is set at a generous density of brown, but accentuated by contrasting colors in bright mural on the wall and the hanging of burgundy red in one and white motifs in ten of the other tissues. The walls in the rooms are in soft tones to drop the focus on the freshness of the color scheme used.

Chocolate Bathroom

Chocolate Bathroom

In the bathroom the presence of chocolate brown is sought by furniture, highlighted by warm yellow walls and shiny surface of a large mirror.

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