Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glass in the interior

Contemporary and fresh ideas for decoration and design design with glass

glass house interior
Glass works miracles in the interior

Glass is one of the most diverse, beautiful, emotional, exciting and attractive architectural materials in the interior with more than 4000 years of rich history.
Today, with technology development, the glass reveals its true potential.
Bathroom Glass Tile Mosaic

designer glass sliding-doors.jpg

Glass works miracles in the interior

It creates an impression of lightness, freedom, wealth and luxury of space, thus being increasingly used in building the interior of both houses and public buildings.
Despite the imposed notions of coldness and hardness, which is usually associated with glass surfaces, it is highly aesthetic means to achieve the flowing and airy interior design solutions.Glass in the interior sliding-doors-closet.jpg
Glass in the interior
contemporary designers
Would be difficult to resist the charm and beauty of glass in its different varieties.
Its natural beauty coupled with fantastic shapes, the result of lateral imagination of contemporary designers or borrowed from nature create the feeling of something unique, elegant and spacious. Increasingly greater use of glass is a trend in the global architectural and furniture design.

Glass sculpture in your interior
Glass sculpture and highlights the expression of compositions

Functional and decorative properties of glass and plastic stress expression of compositions in which it participates and gives them a contemporary sound.

Glass in the interior
Glass in the interior
Nuances, reflections, transparency, continuing play of light, refracted through the glass, caused the aesthetic power of emotions - all this creates a unique atmosphere, ideal and elegant way to enrich, characterize and individualize the interior.
Modern Glass Shower Cabins
Glass in the interior Swimming-Pool-Design

Glass in the interior swimming pool
Glass with its unobtrusive presence, sometimes extravagant elegance and undisputed finesse creates a new sense of beauty and uniqueness of space.
Great Swimming Pools for your House

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