Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Create your own unique look and in the kitchen

Contemporary  unique kitchen

Warm  modern master kitchen
Warm , natural styles
In this modern master kitchen, tiles provide basic color panels and connect the color of the cabinets. Good effect is obtained if the stone is used instead of standard ceramic tiles. The only condition is to handle the surface layer of stone to protect from moisture in the kitchen.

Asian style kitchen
Music in Asian
[Asian style kitchen]
 Tarred panel inlaid with grass, doubled space in your Asian style kitchen, like a window and leave the kitchen Asian style. Resin panels are produced to order and are mainly used for architectural applications. Combine with the appropriate color in accessories to enhance the effect.
Mediterranean Inspiration kitchens
Mediterranean Kitchens Inspiration
[Mediterranean inspiration]
 Made of clay kilns and covered with a durable finish, ceramic tiles are suitable for washing and impervious to stains and moisture in the kitchen. By mixing the standard color glazed tiles with hand-painted decorative tiles, you can create a design that adds a distinctive color and pattern in the Mediterranean Kitchens without spending much money. The only disadvantage of the tiles is difficult to clean their joints. Make sure you master that you glue the tiles will make a waterproof silicone or other mixtures to protect joints. It is every 6 months to clean the joints and causing vodopredpaznata mixture again.
Modern Kitchen Ideas

Create a unique tiles  design for your kitchen
Draw your own tiles
[Draw tiles]
Create a unique design for your kitchen, such as paint mosaic white tiles. It is necessary to use special paints to be able to paint glossy tiles. These paints are water based, but once the plates are placed on permanent and water-resistant. This occurs after the firing of colored tiles in a 300 oven for gradusiva Tina 30-minutes. Not recommended for use on surfaces on which food is prepared.

Own a mosaic in the kitchen
Make your own mosaic
[Own a mosaic in the kitchen]
Modern Kitchen Countertops
 Turn your back on your kitchen a work of art with "pique assiette", the technique of creating a mosaic of broken pieces of porcelain and pottery. This 60-cm back is assembled by pushing the pieces from the Victorian era porcelain and ceramic tiles on the adhesive. After the glue has dried, is causing joints to smooth roughness. To make the back easier to clean especially after cooking, use smaller and / or flat pieces of china.

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